A driver in China who was rear-ended in the middle of traffic stated she slammed on the brakes after seeing a red light... which turned out to be the blushing butt of an escaped circus monkey perched on a light pole.

Escaped Monkey's Blushing Butt Stops Traffic, Literally

That WAS a moon! And not a blue moon either, though as an excuse for causing an auto accident it's just about as likely. Just sit right back and you'll hear a “tail”, a tail of a fateful trip...

It seems the young female driver of a white Hyundai was approaching an intersection in Zunyi City, located in China's Guizhou Province. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until a flash of red on the traffic light pole caught the driver's eye. Reflexively she slammed on her brakes, causing a black sedan following close behind to crash into her car's back bumper.

Escaped Monkey's Blushing Butt Stops Traffic, Literally

Upon exiting their cars after the minor auto accident, the drivers found they were both uninjured and began to discuss the possible cause. The driver of the first car pointed to the intersection's traffic light pole where, lo and behold, a Golden Monkey sat with its not-so-demure, rosy-red derrière directed towards oncoming vehicles. Heh, and you thought YOUR buff booty could stop traffic!

Police investigating the accident determined that the monkey had lately escaped from a circus nearby. The circus's manager, evidently happy to have found his missing“employee”, gladly covered the cost of repairing both drivers' lightly damaged vehicles. (via Sinchew and iQIYI)