You are a busy person, and even though you adore your cat, dog, or bird,
there are times when you need a little help keeping them entertained
and engaged. If you haven't heard of the Pet Sitter videos then it is
time you did.

 Cat Sitter DVDCat Sitter DVD



These videos are designed to add some natural entertainment to your pet's life. For cats and dogs there are scenes of birds, squirrels, mice, hamsters, and the like as they move. Your pet's hunting instinct is stimulated by the activity of these little creatures and engages their minds. For birds it is video of other birds doing what birds do. 

Dog Sitter DVDDog Sitter DVD



While you may not want to turn your pet into a couch potato, but a little entertainment when you are busy or the weather is bad won't hurt. You will also get a kick out of seeing your furred or feathered baby responding to videos designed just for them.

 Bird Sitter DVDBird Sitter DVD



Your pet will love watching these videos and may even ask to watch once in a while. To order the Cat Sitter DVD, click here. To order the Dog Sitter DVD, click here. To order the Bird Sitter DVD, click here. These are all the first volumes. Additional volumes are also available.

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