It was a broiling hot day in South Africa's Kruger National Park. It was hot enough for the sand to burn a lion's paws. Wildlife officials were following a lioness carrying her cub and they noted that she was becoming exhausted from the effort. Would they be able to reach shade and water in time? Suddenly an elephant showed up, scooped the cub up in his trunk, and helped the lioness on her way. Or did he?

Elephant Carrying Lion Cub
Elephant Carrying Lion Cub

Image via Business Insider

This picture has been going around the Internet and amazing people since April. What an amazing sight! Predator and prey working together in a difficult situation.There's just one problem. It's a fake. The photo getting separated from it's original Twitter post has created confusion. The Tweet was sent out by by someone by the strange name of Sloof Lirpa. Did I mention that it was April? It was April.

Why did the elephant cross the road? Well, because made him do it with Photoshop. Yes, indeed. This photo is a fake. But it was not intended to really fool people. If you not the name -- it's April Fools backwards. It was just a fun post by Kruger National Park employees celebrating the holiday of the silly pranks. For me it hearkens back to the days when I wrote for a newspaper and we devoted half the paper to fake stories for the day.

Good work, Kruger! Keep 'em coming!

Source: Business Insider