Your dog's gotten into something that's not meant to eat. Or not meant for her to eat. Whoops! There goes her tummy.  Rush her to the vet, she gets some charcoal, throws up.... "Keep her on a bland diet for a few days," the vet says when he sends you both on your way....

Don't worry; you don't have to cook it.


Under The Weather Chicken & Rice Diet

Under The Weather Chicken & Rice Bland Diet For Dogs


Under The Weather is a healthy bland diet you can keep on hand no matter what the cause of a tummy ache or diarrhea, and you can use it even when your dog has a nervous tummy for any reason.

    •    Are there too many kids coming over to play?
    •    Are you packing to move?
    •    Is there a new pet or child in the home?
    •    Are you traveling with your dog?
    •    Are you leaving your dog at home with a new pet sitter?
    •    The stress of going to the vet alone might give your dog a nervous tummy.

These situations are stressful to pets, so be alert as to what may be causing your dog's lack of appetite.

Under The Weather is a relatively new freeze-dried preparation for dogs made from a simple protein - USA-sourced white meat chicken, beef, or bison. It is mixed with white rice or oatmeal, both soothing to your pup's tummy. Some versions also come with sweet potato or pumpkin.


Under The Weather Bison & Oatmeal

Under The Weather Bison & Oatmeal

Preparation is easy: Just add boiling water to the correct amount of food for your dog's weight (printed on the package), mix, and cover the mixture until it is room temperature.  Then it's ready for your dog to eat.  Reviews of Under The Weather on the company's website are excellent; but now the food is available from You can pick what might be your dog's favorite recipe right here. This is a food you should have on hand!

Note: Even if your dog loves Under The Weather, and dog parents say he will, it is not to be fed as a regular diet for your dog.  It is meant only for times when he is sick, as it does not contain all the nutrients he needs for daily nutrition.


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