There’s a first family in Washington who don’t live in the White House.  They hang out at the National Arboretum, and they’re also called “Mr. President” and “First Lady.” They are a pair of bald eagles who have just had their third “convocation” in the Arboretum, hatching two eaglets, “DC4” and “DC5,” this past February. These chicks really need better names, and you are invited to submit them! Even if you're not up to renaming DC4 and DC5, you MUST see them!


Mr. President with DC4 and DC5
Mr. President with DC4 and DC5

The National Arboretum and the American Eagle Foundation are asking the public to submit names for the newest D.C. eaglets this week - from August 12 to August 18, 2017.  It was the public that submitted and voted on the names “Freedom” and “Liberty” for eaglets DC2 and DC3 last year. (Poor DC1 never did get a “real” name, as far as I can discover.)


Freedom and Liberty Hang Out With Mr. President
Freedom and Liberty, at 3 months old, hang out with Mr. President, 2016.


Freedom and Liberty at about 10 - 11 weeks old
Freedom and Liberty at about 10 - 11 weeks old


Now you may not even care about what these adorable eaglets are named. But if you’ve never seen live video of them, you have got to visit this website!

Okay, what if I tell you that the eagles live videos are....

  • The best example of mother-and-fatherhood you’ll likely ever see?
  • One of the most intimate live nature videos you’ll ever see? And you’ll never forget it....
  • Mesmerizing? (Actually, they're addicting.)


The DC Webcam, a collaboration of federal, non-profit, private enterprise, and university partnerships, strategically placed two webcams in the eagles nest, and the cameras are on duty all day and night. (Don’t worry. The eagles don’t see them.)

Watch “Mr. President,” the smaller of the two adult eagles, and the First Lady with their newbies - DC4 and DC5.  Tune in every day - they grow fast.  See how tiny they are now?  By the end of May, early June, they'll be as big as Mr. President and they'll take off! 

There are two views you can watch, Camera A and Camera B.  Blow them up to full screen. Show them to your kids.  Send links to your friends.

Send in some names for the pair - August 12 - 18, 2017.

But visit them.  They are just here, at this link: DCEagleCAM.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee