During Pandemic, Y'Alls Animal Farm Drive-Thru Kicks Off Memorial Day Weekend

Holiday events have changed markedly since the COVID-19 pandemic swept the land. Outdoor entertainment has been sorely missed throughout the U.S. Many annual programs have been canceled altogether. For example, in South Carolina, the 'Beaufort Water Festival' a 10-day event was the latest big event to fall to the coronavirus. 

However, not the case in the tri-state area of Kentucky Ohio, and West Virginia. Their Florence Y'alls are excited to announce one of the first outdoor entertainment events to return to the Greater Cincinnati area since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Soft Opening

Y'alls Animal Farm will kick off with a soft opening (limited availability) on Friday, May 22 at 6 pm. The event will then open up for larger crowds on Saturday, May 23-25 at 11 am and run to 6 pm

Contactless Drive-Thru

Y'alls Animal Farm, presented by Mobilcomm, will be a drive-thru safari-of-sorts put on by Honey Hill Farm, in addition to some fun circus routines performed by the Cincinnati Circus Company. It will be a contactless experience to allow for social distancing.

Safety Measures

As a contactless event, the organizers ask all attendees to stay in their cars until they are completely through the drive-thru experience. Y'alls staff will be directing traffic and scanning online tickets. They will be wearing masks.


However social distancing does apply to the animals. Attendees will be able to get up close and personal. The experience begins with the viewing of animals ranging from kangaroos, camels, emus, llamas, yaks, sheep, goats, and more.

Feed the Animals

Cups of animal feed will be available for purchase at the event in limited quantity. In order to ensure a safe and healthy experience for the animals, no outside food will be permitted and a limited quantity will be available for purchase.  


They will then be guided to the southernmost part of the Y'alls venue, where they will be greeted by entertainers from the Cincinnati Circus Company. Jugglers, stilt walkers, aerial artists, and the big STUNT SHOW featuring the Wheel of Death will be conducted. Hold on to your hats!



All tickets will be sold online.

$30 per carload in advance
$35 per carload day of
Additional $20 payable at the entrance for buses and 15 passenger vans (cash only)
Includes two (2) Y'alls anytime ticket vouchers that can be used in 2020 or 2021 for a Y'alls baseball game! ($20 value).

See you in Florence, y'all.

During Pandemic, Y'Alls Animal Farm Drive-Thru Kicks Off Memorial Day Weekend


Primary Source: Florence Y'Alls