Being as dogs are the top manufacturers and distributors in the pet poop biz, it's only natural their dutiful owners would advertise the fact and Halloween offers the ideal opportunity to do just that.

Drop Shipment: The Top 10 Canine Poop Factory Costumes

What's surprising is that so many poop-scoopin' pet owners would take the time to craft a decent Poop Factory costume. Here are ten of the crappiest – and we mean that in a good way.


Smokin' Hot!

Drop Shipment: The Top 10 Canine Poop Factory Costumes

Here's Miss Chloe, posing in her Halloween costume from 2012 and by all indications, loving it! Our Poop Factory poster pup sports a costume so carefully crafted, detailed and custom fitted you'd think it was sold at PetsSmart. Want to make your own? Get all the illustrated details at Turtles and Tails. (poop factory costume image via Turtles and Tails)  


Don't Give Me That Look...

Drop Shipment: The Top 10 Canine Poop Factory Costumes

The 4th Annual #CreepyCrunchers Dog Costume Contest was an overwhelming success, and among the well-deserved winning entries was the above terror, er, terrier of the plains submitted by Teresa R. of Kansas City, MO. We're guessing this pooch's M.O. is poopin'... on an industrial scale, no less. (poop factory costume image via Old Mother Hubbard)   


Big Apple Road Apple

Flickr user Vivienne Gucwa posted this image on October 22nd, 2011, at the Halloween Dog Parade 2011 held in Tompkins Square Park, East Village, New York City. Like all canine poop factories, this one's mobile... all the better for spreading the prime product. (poop factory costume image via Vivienne Gucwa) 



Bo Knows

Drop Shipment: The Top 10 Canine Poop Factory Costumes

Bo's an officially licensed poop factory and not one of those sleazy fly-by-night (or "poop-by-night") operations. Bo took his show on the road to the Pet Parade at Mardi Gras and by all accounts was a huge hit. You read that right: huge "hit". (poop factory costume image via MBK



Dignity: I Haz It

You might not think it's possible to remain dignified while wearing “a plastic doo-doo headband” but Sandy, a Yellow Lab owned by Judy Bireley of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, managed it with flying colors. Sandy was one of 835 dressed-up doggies attempting to set a world record for costumed canines on October 27th of 2013. Sorry Sandy, the record still stands at 1,326... one wonders how many of them were Poop Factories. (poop factory costume image via The Spokesman-Review)



Boxed Boxer

OK, maybe this costumed canine isn't actually a boxer but as for the boxed part – seeing is believing. Speaking of seeing, is that a laser beam zapping out of its right eye? Humiliate this dog at your own risk. (poop factory costume image via Funny Junk



Wrong On Multiple Levels

NIMBY or not, you don't want this poop factory in your neighborhood: multi-story construction for increased output and more ominously, a pair of classic hourglass-shaped cooling towers on the woof, er, roof. (poop factory costume image via Cami Cox Jim, St George News  


“Do You Have Any Greyhound Poop-On?”

Sorry, couldn't resist... but what are the odds of TWO different interpretations of the poop factory costume theme meeting muzzle to muzzle? This one occurred at the 2014 Greyhound Gathering in Kanab, Utah, and the pooch's owner was kind enough to advertise eco-friendly tours of the Poop Factory powered by natural gas. (poop factory costume image via Greytalk)



Olfactory Showroom

Drop Shipment: The Top 10 Canine Poop Factory Costumes

Our featured costumed canine sports the usual toilet paper roll stacks, a very common (and very appropriate) use for the recyclable cardboard tubes. Now if only there was some way to recycle the "products" of this particular factory. (poop factory costume image via istolethetv)   



Skeye's The Limit

Adrienne Gee crafted this poop factory costume last year for Skeye, her 5-year-old American Eskimo cross, who looks a bit bemused by all the attention she's getting. Either that or she's amused, thinking “I may have to wear this ridiculous costume but you still have to pick up my poop”. And that, folks, really is the bottom line. (poop factory costume image via The Vancouver Sun)


*** Originally published October 2014, updated on February 24th of 2019