dogs show capacity for compassion
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We often hear of stories where dogs rescue their owners from fires, refuse to leave their sides when they’re struck ill and will typically defend them with their own lives, if need be. What we aren’t always aware of, however, is the level of compassion dogs share for each other. Studies have shown that dogs have an acute sense of fair play and will readily share their food rather than see another go without, when it’s available. Here are two stories of very caring pups, just to prove the point.

Brazilian Street Dogs

In Brazil, just like elsewhere in the world, there are a substantial number of dogs that live on the street. Not nearly enough are rescued and adopted, but one lucky pup apparently never forgot what it was like to be on those streets. Lana, a beautiful female just under a year old, now has a happy home. That wasn’t always the case. She and her siblings were rescued when they were quite small, and fortunately for Lana she was soon adopted by a young woman named Suelen Schaumloeffel and her fiancé.

Cold Winter Nights

While it’s summer here, south of the equator our Latin American friends are in the throes of winter. Lana’s new parents have provided her with a comfortable doghouse and a nice heavy blanket to keep her snug and warm. Recently, Schaumloeffel’s fiancé was leaving for work when he noticed something unusual. It seems Lana had drug her blanket outside and over to a nearby fence in order to share it with a stray she felt sorry for.

Share & Share Alike

The couple had seen the dog around for a while and had even tried to approach it to see if it had tags in order to identify it, but the skittish animal would not let them get close enough to help. He or she would, on the other hand, accept the aid that Lana had to offer by sharing her blanket with her. While Lana slept on a portion of the blanket on one side of the fence, the stray slept on the other half on the other side of the fence. The very touching gesture did not go unnoticed.

SOS, Throw Me a Lifeline!

In another example of dogs doing their best for their four-legged pals, a dog helped his canine companion with a lifeline in the form of a stick as he floated by in quick-moving water. About six months ago, a video was making the rounds on the Internet showing what appear to be two Labs, one yellow and one black. In the video, we see the yellow Lab grabbing a stick from the other dog as he floats by, in essence fishing him out of a swift current. It’s like something straight out of a staged movie.

Animal Rescue

The dogs’ owner videotaped the entire episode, for which he apparently caught a lot of shade. A number of folks that viewed the clip were outraged that the man stood by and filmed rather than assisting his pets. As it turns out, the two dogs play in the river regularly and just below where the filming occurred the water slows down significantly, turning into a lazy moving passage easily navigable.

So, if anyone ever questions a dog’s ability to feel from the heart and/or their capacity for compassion, tell them you know better.