The DoggyMan people+pets fitness machine combines an indoor exercise bike with a pet-sized treadmill.

DoggyMan Combo Exercise Bike Lets You Work Out With Your Woofer

So you like to ride, your dog likes to walk, and inclement weather forces both of you to stay inside? No problem! The DoggyMan mocks Mother Nature by allowing both you and your pet to work out together, no matter what the weather. Mind you, mockery by your friends is pretty much a certainty but hey... let their laughter roll off your back(s) – they're just jealous!

The DoggyMan weighs 35 kg (almost 80 lbs) when fully assembled, which takes roughly 90 minutes for two adults using an included special tool. The exercise machine's recommended load capacity is up to 100 kg (220 lbs) for the human and up to 10 kg (22 lbs) for the dog.

DoggyMan Combo Exercise Bike Lets You Work Out With Your Woofer

The DoggyMan's stationary bike drive component interlocks with the pet treadmill's belt in two different configurations: side-by-side (parallel) or face-to-face. The bicycle portion features an LCD display panel with a handle sensor, showing the user's time, speed, relative distance, calories used, and pulse rate. That's the human user, by the way, not the dog.

The DoggyMan people+pet exercise system is made in China from steel, nylon, ABS plastic, PVC plastic, polypropylene, and synthetic leather. It's currently listed at the Rakuten online shopping site (Japanese language) for 128,000 yen or around $1,160.