After having two dogs with serious eye
diseases, I don't take chances any more about my dogs' eyes, especially
in the summer.  Glare from the sun can be as deleterious to a dog's eyes
as it is to humans, and can cause and/or exacerbate cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal diseases. Small particles of sand at the beach
can scratch your dog's eyes, causing infection.  And just playing with
other dogs can lead to trouble in the eye, as I know all too well.  One
of my pups required surgery to close his lower eyelid after he ran into another dog's canine tooth as they
were playing in the dog park.

I've been a big fan of Doggles® first innovation, Doggles goggles for dogs.  But now they've come out with another fashion first: Doggles Mesh Eyewear for dogs, that can be worn inside the home as well as outside -- if it's not too sunny or windy.





The original Doggles lenses are made of polycarbonate and are 100 percent UV filters.  These are still available in goggles as well as other fashionable eyewear.  But the new Doggles is made of  a mesh that filters out 50 - 60 percent of UV rays and it's breathable, rather than tightly enclosing the lense with a rubber rim.

The new design looks like a lovely beauty mask, but the lenses are raised away from the eyes and have a wide peripheral view, allowing 270 degrees of vision.  The raised lens also offers a degree of protection from objects that might accidentally scratch your dog's eyes, like a small twig from a bush. And there's nothing like poking him in the eye accidentally with your finger while you are grooming him!

Here's a size chart for your convenience:



While the Doggles original goggles are more protective for active dogs and bright sunlight, taking a stroll or sitting on the porch in the Doggles Mesh Eyewear, would justify a smart and quite fashionable buy.  At, In orange and blue in the sizes listed on the chart above. (Many of them are on sale now!)

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