A Manchester mutt who suffers from severe hay fever can enjoy the great outdoors again now that his owner dresses him in a form-fitting, pollen-blocking, lycra onesie.

Dog Wears Stylish Woofer Onesie To Block Hay Fever Pollen

Hay fever is nothing to sneeze at and yes, our four-legged Best Friends can come down with severe pollen allergies just like their owners. From a dog's point of view, not being able to frolic outside is tantamount to being sentenced to a life of boredom. Such was the case of Stan, a seven-year-old Hungarian Vizsla pup from Manchester, UK.

Since being diagnosed with a pollen allergy four years ago, Stan has been plagued by severe itching, soreness and other unpleasant symptoms. "Every time we went out he'd be itching and nibbling for ages afterwards," explained Kirsten Armitage, Stan's owner. "He was getting progressively worse and it was heartbreaking to see."

Dog Wears Stylish Woofer Onesie To Block Hay Fever Pollen

Desperate to find Stan some relief, Armitage tried Piriton allergy tablets, antihistamine creams, fish oil and more, all to no avail. Then while browsing for allergy treatments online, she stumbled across K9 Top Coat – a lycra bodysuit for dogs. Though the bodysuits were originally designed to control shedding, Armitage realized that what keeps dog hair in could also keep pollen out.

The zippered onesies aren't cheap – prices range from about $60 to $90 – but Armitage and Stan were at the end of their ropes. Thankfully, the onesie appears to have solved Stan's allergy issues and, it's brought an unforeseen bonus. "You could tell he felt quite cocky, he likes being the center of attention, his tail was in the air and he was loving it," stated Armitage. "He’s a gun dog so running to fetch a ball is what he loves best. Now he can do what he loves again." Kinda makes your eyes water, now don't it?