dog knose art
Dog Knose Art  (image via DKA Facebook)


While it may look like nothing more than smudges, smears, drool and slobber to the rest of us, one graphic designer and devout dog lover has turned that mess on your windows courtesy of the family pet into colorful works of "original art" of the abstract variety suitable for hanging on your walls. No, it's not a joke, it's Dog Knose Art, a creative business endeavor by a woman named Nicole (no last name given), who sees the beauty in almost everything dogs do — including window licking.

The Nose Knows

Everyone that owns a dog who has ever taken them for a ride or who has windows/doors eye level with their canine knows the mess they leave on glass surfaces. Between the nose smudges and lick smears, sneeze sprays and slobber dribbles, the last thing most of us would equate this with is art, even though it does have a distinct abstract feel to it, figuratively. Well, Nicole not only recognized this but decided to take a chance and capitalize on it.

It's a Dog's Life

Over the years, a number of surveys have been conducted pertaining to how pet owners view their pets, and the same answer keeps turning up: they're like our children and we treat them as family — or better, in some cases, but that's another story. As far as Knose Art is concerned, the logic would be if you're willing to proudly hang up your grade schooler's keepsake "art" then why not display your dog's "art" as well?

Canine Masterpiece

If you're already warming to the idea or you believe you have your own little Jackson Pollock on your hands, you can easily turn their artistic genius into an avant-garde masterpiece worthy of framing. All you have to do is visit the Dog Knose Art website and peruse the How to Buy section for directions. It's actually quite simple. Using your smartphone, take several photographs of your dog's "art" from different angles, upload them on the site along with the particulars of your order, and voilà!

Expressionism in Art

The resultant images are printed on matte or satin finish paper for you in the color palette you've chosen. Truthfully, after visiting the Dog Knose Art gallery, you'd be hard pressed to distinguish between the dog art and that of Pollock's or any other slash and splash virtuoso's work. That's because paint splats all look the same, regardless of whether a chimp, elephant, dog or human wields the brush.

If you do decide to immortalize your dog's expressionism in this unique fashion, please share the results of your experience with Dog Knose Art in the comment section below.