The new doghouses make your dad's look like child's work.


Doghouses are an excellent source of protection from the elements, but most of them are pretty basic and not much to look at. While this isn’t a huge problem, if you’ve ever wished there was something available more befitting your yard and home, there is, and you don’t have to build it yourself.

Traditional Doghouses with Flare



Actually, there are several really attractive styles now to choose from, and you can get them as spacious or as cozy as you’d like them. If you’re looking for something understated yet functional in a multi-purpose fashion, then you may want to consider the CC Only DH-12 Indoor/Outdoor Wooden Dog House.

It features a large entrance, plenty of room for your pet to turn around in, and a side deck with a built-in storage box for toys or food plus two raised, built-in dog bowls. This smart yet more traditional-looking doghouse with extras is perfect for canines weighing up to 40 pounds.

Doggie Condo with Sundeck

doggie condo

Need a smidge more room due to the number or size of your dogs? No worries. The Boomer & George Dog House with Stairs could be just the thing. This spacious unit is also made from wood and features a loft or rooftop balcony access for sunning, playing or simply a better view when the little lord or lady of the manor is surveying his or her kingdom.

It comes with weatherproof leg protectors and a raised floor designed specifically to resist moisture and mold, making it well suited for all types of weather. Measuring 33x25x28 inches in size, it’s ideal for a few small yippers or one medium-sized dog.  

Luxury Victorian Cottage


Victorian cottage doghouse

So, natural wood tones and decking reminding you of Aspen don’t really mesh well with the overall feel of your property. Little Cottage Company offers a Victorian Cozy Kennel that is so darn cute you may want to spend time in it yourself. This amazing unit is truly more along the lines of a kids’ playhouse or a mini guesthouse, and it’s nearly as big.

With a 4x8 foot enclosed area for seeking shelter in inclement weather and a 6x8 foot kennel area for mild sunny days, it’s a luxury cottage. It also features wooden wall framing with quality exterior siding, decorative trim finish all around, and screened windows with painted shutters and flower boxes beneath each window.

Splurging on Pets

So, the next time you’re thinking you wish you had something with a little more panache for Fido to call home, you know you’ve got alternatives — and some fantastic ones at that.

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