There's nothing more comforting to dog people than knowing their dogs are happy... even when they are sleeping. Dogs sleep from 12 to 16 hours a day, depending on their age and health condition. Animals Matter knows that so they make dog beds and accessories as comfy as can be.


Animals Matter Ortho Nest

Animals Matter Katie Puff® Ortho Nest Dog Bed


Orthopedic beds are great for all dogs. Young and old, they all have those spots we call pressure points, and those points love support! 

The Ortho Nest Dog Bed (above) is one of my favorites. It's deceptively cushy looking, but that cushy look is thanks to the top layer of "Katie Puff," the ultra soft puffy chenille. Beneath it, there's plenty of support from a cushion of authentic NASA-certified orthopedic memory foam for therapeutic support and comfort. The surrounding bolster is generously overstuffed with upholstery-grade, memory-spring polyfiberfill. And you can slide the deluxe nest cover off to machine wash it!

Yes, it's great for older dogs, but who says older dogs are the only ones that need good support and lots of comfort. Don't be surprised if you find your other critters (ahem, cats!) trying to take over the bed!

Don't worry, the Katie Puff® Ortho Nest Dog Bed is not just for small dogs. It comes in sizes from extra small to extra large to accommodate all dogs and in six colors to accommodate your decor!


The Animals Matter® Katie Puff® Sydney Ortho Dog Bed, shown below, is a rectangular version of the Ortho Nest Dog Bed (above) with less puff, but just as much support, as it contains the same NASA-certified orthopedic memory foam as in the Ortho Nest. This bed entry is close to the floor, particularly helpful to older, lame, or injured dogs. 


Animals Matter® Katie Puff® Sydney Dog Bed

Animals Matter® Katie Puff® Sydney Ortho Dog Bed


The Sydney Ortho also comes in five sizes (xtra small - xtra large), lucky for your pup, and six colors. As of this writing, the Katie Puff® Sydney Ortho Dog Bed has 16 5-star ratings and reviews on In The Company of Dogs. (That means it's great!)



Here's another Katie Puff dog bed is very supportive: the Katie Puff Contour Dog Bed by Animals Matter®


Katie Puff Contour Dog Bed by Animals Matter®

Katie Puff Contour Dog Bed by Animals Matter®


I really like this bed. It combines both firmness and comfort in a really subtle way. The slopes of the headrests are curved, rather than angular, in order to provide support regardless of the angle of your pup's head. Notice too that this bed accommodates your dog's head no matter which side she lies on. 

The surface is, of course, Katie Puff chenille, removable for washing.  But 'under the hood,' is the NASA-certified orthopedic memory foam. This lounge comes in sizes small (26" x 18"), medium (36" x 24"), and L (44" x 30") and several colors. 


Personally, I love the look of the Katie Puff chenille on these orthopedic beds. The style of the beds, the fabrics, and the colors work in many environments.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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