If there is one thing about dachshunds it is that the breed has inspired
a number of nicknames. They range from lowrider to hot dog to wiener.
That last one can lead to some serious double entendres. This hilarious "I Trip
Over My Wiener" Decal
will give you the chance to let you sense of humor

"I Trip Over My Wiener" Decal"I Trip Over My Wiener" Decal

This vinyl sticker is a great way to show your love for the diminutive dogs. It is not permanent and can be removed at any time. It is easy to install and easy to remove and will stick to any clean, smooth surface. The decal is 1.3" tall by 7" wide. In addition to the words, the sticker also boasts a silhouette of a dachshund.

To order this funny "I Trip
Over My Wiener" Decal for yourself or as a gift, click here.

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