Dino the Dinosaur was television's original purple dinosaur (technically a "snorkasaurus"). He burst into pop culture almost 60 years ago along with his human caveman family, "The Flintstones." While his color changed from time to time over the course of the television show's six season in prime time, his primary color was purple. He was immediately a hit and made every kid in the United States want to own their own Dino.

Dino the Dinosaur
Dino the Dinosaur

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One of the recurring gags on the iconic cartoon show was Dino's over-the-top enthusiasm for Fred Flintstone. When Fred would arrive home from work Dino would tear up to him, knock him flat, and bark excitedly and lick his face. It was very much like the actions of many modern-day dogs. There is no doubt that Dino was meant to be Fred and Wilma's dog, especially when he tangled with the family's saber-toothed cat.

Dino appeared in the opening credits of the show beginning with episode one but was not mentioned by name until the fourth episode, "No Help Wanted." In the episode, "The Snorkasaurus Hunter." Dino appeared as a talking character. That was the only episode in which he spoke. In all episodes before and after Dino only barked. The episode was the tale of how Dino became the Flintstones beloved pet.

Dino and Fred
Dino and Fred -- bringing in the evening "paper"

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Dino's barking was voiced by the famous Mel Blanc, who also voiced Barney Rubble, Fred's "best buddy, good friend, and lifelong pal," as well as Bugs Bunny, among many, many others. When Blanc passed away in 1989 Dino's barking was taken over by Frank Welker. Imagine getting paid well just to bark! Jerry Mann voiced Dino in his one and only speaking part.

Dino and the Family
Dino relaxing with Fred, Wilma, and Pebbles

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There are two episodes in which Dino takes the romantic plunge. In "Dino Goes Hollyrock" he becomes the co-star of the beautiful "Sassie" and falls hard for her -- right up until he sees her without her wig and makeup, and discovers that her beauty is only skin deep. In "Dino and Juliet," the dinosaur falls for fellow sauropod and neighbor Juliet. This love affair resulted in the birth of 15 "puppies."

Dino with the Flintstones and Rubbles
Dino with the Flintstones and Rubbles

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After the run of the original series from 1960 to 1966, Dino appeared in most of the many spin-offs of the show. These included the Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show, The Flintstone Comedy Hour, and the Flintstone Comedy Show.

Dino and the family cat are hardly the only animals in the city of Bedrock. Betty and Barney Rubble eventually adopted a kangaroo-like dinosaur referred to as a "hoppasaurus" that they named Hoppy. In their stone age world anything that wasn't made of stone or wood was created by animals -- cranes, dishwashers, plumbing, phonograph needles, garbage disposals, buses, and so forth. The show, which was originally intended for adults, was so loaded with animals that it became a place we all longed to be.

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