Gene Simmons and his KISS bandmates used to spend hours applying their signature makeup before performing. These 8 “demonic” creatures, on the other han- er, paw are for the most part naughty-looking by nature.               


Halloween Kitten

Amazing Animals Who Look Like KISS's Gene Simmons

“Ok, I know that this picture is photoshopped,” admits Morgan Eckstein of the Gleaming From The Golden Dawn occult blog “but it is just too good not to use. My cat would be a KISS fan... well, maybe if they weren't so loud.” Not sure if it's the cat or KISS being referred to as far as noisiness – why not both? (via Gleamings from the Golden Dawn)     


Demon Horse

Amazing Animals Who Look Like KISS's Gene Simmons

“This is my horse and I as Gene Simmons and Peter Criss,” explains Alison, whose talented efforts won the pair 2nd place in the Best Pet Costume category in Costume Works' 2012 Halloween Costume Contest. “It took about three hours to paint his face and mine and put both our costumes on,” she adds. We gotta admit, that's one rockin' horse even if he's not showing his tongue. (via Costume Works / Alison)                


Heeere's Gorby

Amazing Animals Who Look Like KISS's Gene Simmons

Dan Walter of Jacksonville State University thinks young Gorby here might be the “Chihuahua for the Ages”. Now that we've seen the photogenic pooch made up as The Demon, we're convinced as well. (via JSU / Don Walter               


Demon Calf

Amazing Animals Who Look Like KISS's Gene Simmons

We reported on the above “Demon Calf” right here at PetsLady a few months ago and we have to say it's way cool an animal manages to look like Gene Simmons in full concert make-up naturally, without the aid of artful humans or clever photoshopping. On the downside, this otherwise unremarkable bovine (named “Genie” by her owners) has to look like this 24-7 for the rest of her life. That may be a while: those awesome rock-star looks have saved her from slaughter. (via Petslady and The SUN  


Lemme At 'Em!

Amazing Animals Who Look Like KISS's Gene Simmons

He's got the black & white looks, the freakishly-long tongue, and he can flash gang signs... he's definitely smarter than the average primate. We'd name this lewd lemur Lemmy but Lemmy's no lemur; Lemmy is GOD! (via StrangePersons)         


Tastes Grrrreat!!

Gene Simmons Demon Tiger

We now venture to Claws 'n' Paws in Hamlin, PA where this gorgeous white tiger – presumably a park resident – is practicing his best “Eat your heart out, Gene Simmons” glare. Not sure just whose heart would end up being eaten but we're not stickin' around to find out. (via Mitchell Klein)                


Hey Bulldog

Amazing Animals Who Look Like KISS's Gene Simmons

KISS me, I'm a bulldog? Indeed this is one hot dog, even if it doesn't spit fire. Even better, it's a photoshop as are all of Freaking News' cool images so, as the cliché goes, no dogs were hurt in the making of this demonic doggie. (via Freaking News               


KISS-Fu Panda

Amazing Animals Who Look Like KISS's Gene Simmons

OK, so China's made admirable progress in saving the Giant Panda from extinction but are we really ready to reinstate trophy hunting of the adorable, bamboo-munching beasts? The answer is NO, we are not... unless, of course, the panda sports black bat-winged eye patches ala Gene Simmons' The Demon. Oh, and save some wall space for Starchild Panda, Space Ace Panda and Criss Catman Panda. (via Simply American)