Add an extra touch of fantasy to your Christmas tree this holiday season with this incredible Direwolf Christmas Ornament. This is Ghost, the direwolf belonging to Jon Snow on the TV show Game of Thrones.

Direwolf Christmas Ornament -- Ghost
Direwolf Christmas Ornament -- Ghost

Direwolves have the reputation for being larger, stronger, and more intelligent than regular wolves. There really were dire wolves in our own world at one time but they have been extinct for a long time. They were recreated for the world of Game of Thrones and a litter of orphaned pups were taken and given to the children of the Snow family to raise. Jon Snow was given the red-eyed, albino, runt of the litter. Instead of not surviving the wolf thrived. This version of Ghost is made of glass and will be a beautiful addition to your holiday tree. Please note, according to the website, Ghost is not actual size.

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