In DC, Pets Are A Low Class Yokel Embarrassment

The world has changed a lot in the last year. Our public discourse, social behavior and perceptions of what is acceptable and non-acceptable has changed. Normalization is a threat when actions that were once verboten in the past have all of sudden become copacetic. As humans are finding their way in this  brave new world, there’s solace in knowing man’s best friend is still at our sides to comfort us when change gets too tough to handle.

But wait, now even our pets are targets of discrimination?

The Pences, DC’s Beverly Hillbillies

The President of the United States once again turned the tables on what is acceptable and what is not.

In a recent The Atlantic report, Donald Trump reportedly stated he was “embarrassed” by Mike Pence and his family bringing their pets to the the Naval Observatory — their official residence in Washington, DC. In so doing, you might say he characterized them as the Beverly Hillbillies  — when he referred to them as “yokels.”

“He was embarrassed by it, he thought it was so low class. He thinks the Pences are yokels,” a longtime advisor revealed.

Now, granted the Vice President does have a small menagerie, or what some might call a petting zoo of sorts.

The Pence & their menagerie

They are proud pet parent of two cats, a rabbit named Marlon Bundo and a snake. Then after one of the cats died in June, they decided to adopt an additional puppy and kitten.

Reinforcing the Beverly Hillbillies analogy, it was reported Trump viewed the Pences’ penchant for pets as “prudish, stiff and embarrassingly poor" according to one longtime associate.

No Bo nor Sunny in this White House

In my recent post, “Man’s Best Friend in the White House,” it’s a historical fact that the Trumps have broken an exceedingly long presidential tradition of bringing a pet into the White House.

Differing from his predecessors’ well-documented ownership of two Portuguese Water Dogs named Bo and Sunny, Trump not only doesn’t have any dogs — he has no pets at all to speak of — no birds, snakes, iguanas — not even a pet rock!

Bo & Sunny, Obama's dogs

Public opinion has swirled around this decision. Could being not-pet-friendly an issue for the President? Since most animal advocates believe owning a pet can warm up a president’s persona, might this be an major faux-pas? Particularly, since this president runs such a very low national approval rating to begin with.

Whether it's the White House or Your House?

Does owning a pet reduce your status or social standing in society? Are you a yokel for owning ‘man’s best friend’ or is our commander-in-chief in need of a pet in his life —  badly?

Might such ownership change his view on other animal advocacy issues? After all, the last thing we want to hear is that our pets and animals in general are being reduced to second class citizens, when they bring such an abundance of love into the world. Your thoughts readers?

Primary Source: Trump Embarrassed