One ring to ruin them all... unless you deploy these nifty Naughty Nyan Coasters on your heirloom wooden table tops!     

Naughty Nyan Coasters Keep Countertops Clean

Wooden table tops aren't as common as they used to be, and those still in use are often gorgeous family heirlooms that demand extra care and protection from abuse – usually in the form of a sweaty cup, glass or mug.

Restoration can be expensive but unsightly drink rings demand it. What do? Call in the coasters for some good ol' preventive maintenance!

Naughty Nyan Coasters Keep Countertops Clean

Not just any coasters will do, mind you, especially if you're a cat owner who's already taken post er, proactive measures to keep kitty from exercising their claws on that oh-so-tempting vintage wood.

With that said, people can be just as destructive as cats (if not more so). Deploying a set of Naughty Nyan Coasters addresses the human factor, allowing you to avoid ugly disfiguring furniture rings while at the same time, letting you indulge your love of all things feline.     

Naughty Nyan Coasters Keep Countertops Clean

Alliterative name aside, these charming silicone resin coasters were inspired by cats' natural curiosity – nothing “naughty” about them, provided they're used for their intended purpose. The cute & clever design also provides a handy handle in the form of the exploring pet's torso.

Each coaster measures 4.5” wide by 6” long by 0.25” thick (116mm x 153mm x 17mm). They come in your choice of Black Cat with Yellow, Tea Tiger Tabby with Turquoise, or Calico Cat with Red.

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