These cute ceramic aromatherapy dispensers really rock while infusing healing aromatherapy oils into your personal space.

Aroma Okiagari Koboshi ceramic aromatherapy dispensers

The Aroma Okiagari Koboshi from DECOLE is an egg-shaped aroma infuser with no moving parts... actually, the item itself IS the moving part!

Simply apply several drops of your favorite aromatherapy oil onto your Aroma Okiagari Koboshi's “head” and let natural evaporation do its thing. Need to boost the olfactory impact? Give your infuser a nudge and its rocking motion stirs up more fragrance molecules.

Aroma Okiagari Koboshi ceramic aromatherapy dispensers

DECOLE offers the Aroma Okiagari Koboshi in your choice of four stylized animal shapes, each with a different contrasting colored base: a baby chick (yellow), Shiba dog (brown), bunny rabbit (pink), and house cat (blue).

Each Aroma Okiagari Koboshi measures 5.6cm by 5cm by 5.3cm (roughly 2.2” by 1.95” by 2.1”). For more information, please visit the Chinese-language product page at Hamee Taobao.