Dogs may be in the closet all year long, but Easter gives them an acceptable time to come out of the closet and cross dress.   Bunny rabbit costumes are so popular with dogs because they get to wear them three times a year - Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.  What's the matter?  You never heard of the Christmas Bunny? 

There's one little dog here that really wanted to be a chick for Easter.  He's the first closeted dog-chicken I've ever seen.


1.  Chick Peep Dog Costume For Easter

Soft  pull-over polyester Chick Peep Dog Costume for your extra small dog.  Chihuahua, Toy Poodle, Australian Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian, or other shorty.  Fits: 9.4" Length,  7.5-8.7" Neck, and 11.8-13.8 Waist. 


Chick Peep Dog CostumeChick Peep Dog Costume



2.  Zack & Zoey® Bunny Rabbit Costume for Dogs

This is a very large bunny costume, covering almost your dog's full body.  Fastens with Velcro® on legs and body.  This is a cool coming-out bunny in lots of sizes.  At


Zack & Zoey Bunny Rabbit CostumeZack & Zoey Bunny Rabbit Costume



3.  Puppy Angel Bunny Bonnet

Your Angel gets to keep his own ears just behind the bunny's, in this beaut of a bonnet. Soft striped fabric trimmed in textured fleece, with a bow at the top and a white rope tie. At


Dog Angel Bunny BonnetDog Angel Bunny Bonnet


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