There is apparently a movement out there to clothe squirrels and end
their embarrassing public nudity. To that end you can buy Squirrel
and end the horror. Do the world a favor and cover a
squirrel's private parts.

 Squirrel UnderpantsSquirrel Underpants

These delightful little Y-fronts are made of 100% cotton and have a 3-inch waist. One size fits most squirrels as well as most other rodents of a similar size. A pair will cover that little winky and still allow for comfort when taking care of necessary business.

The manufacturer provided this testimonial for the product: "Hi, I'm Lydia. I was so excited when they asked me to talk about Squirrel Underpants! I used to be ashamed to take my own daughter, Laura, to the park because of the naked squirrels. It may sound prudish, but squirrels are just so shameless in their nudity. What am I supposed to say when Laura asks me why she has to wear underpants? These tiny Squirrel Underpants keep my daughter safe, they keep my family safe and they keep America safe. Thanks Squirrel Underpants!"

Girl Squirrel UnderpantsGirl Squirrel Underpants

No need to worry! There is also a ladies' version in dainty pink. This version is 95% cotton and 5% Spandex to give a bit of a slimming effect. They are just the thing to delight every girl squirrel in the neighborhood.

So get out there and combat squirrel nudity today! To order your own Squirrel Underpants, click here, and Girl  Squirrel Underpants, click here.

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