2017 corgi races at canterbury park
A finely tuned athlete?


When we think of racing animals, we usually think of lithe, lean creatures with long legs capable of amazing strides dashing around tracks in a flash, fur flying, looking almost regal in their comportment. If those animals are dogs, we usually think about greyhounds or whippets, but certainly not corgis. Sure, you could say they have two of the attributes mentioned above. They’ve definitely got the long part down pat, and Queen Elizabeth is known for keeping corgis, which she dotes on, so I guess the regal part is covered, too. But corgi racing? Don’t count them out just yet, cuz it’s true.

Corgi Races in Minnesota

Last year, in July of 2016, a whole passel of corgis and their owners showed up at Minnesota’s Canterbury Park to compete in heats that ran between the regularly scheduled horse racing  — and the stubby-legged competitors stole the show and the hearts of all who were in attendance at the inaugural event. In fact, it was so popular the race will see a second season at the same track on July 29 of this year, complete with cupcake festival and tickets starting as low as $7 for general admission.


Queen Elizabeth Corgis
Corgis are the royal dog of choice for Queen Elizabeth

Dog Racing

While dog racing is not without its controversy, these finely tuned athletes are family pets that won’t likely be finding themselves in a rescue or a breadline once their careers are over. After all the fanfare and hubbub of vying for the Gold Cup has died down, they’ll be back to leisurely strolls, long languid naps and the short bursts of energy they’re known for.

Corgis & Cupcakes

This year, there are 72 entrants on the card that will compete in seven heats until there is only one champion. According to Canterbury Park, in only three short hours they had already registered those 72 dogs before they were forced to suspend registration — and they still have another 54 dogs on the wait list hoping to compete! Who knew Minnesota was such a corgi haven?


corgi racing 2017
Having missed out on the registration deadline for the corgi races, Bob thought he'd try out for the Wiener Dog Nationals, instead

Miniature Breed Racing

In Phoenix, they’ve had the Wiener Dog Nationals, a charity event held at the track running dachshunds, which is too cute for words, and in Winter Park, FL, they hold the annual Running of the Chihuahuas each year at a popular bar and restaurant, that draws huge crowds as well. Besides all the silliness and cuteness, one of the best parts of these super fun dog races is the great names that come along with the pups, such as Logan Handsomepants, who happens to be last year’s winner.

Canterbury Park Racetrack

If you’re interested in attending, check out the racetrack’s website for more information or look them up on Facebook. In the meantime, check out the video of  2016’s event below.