Meet Duke, a rescue dog who saved the life of a nine-week-old baby girl  by warning her parents that she had stopped breathing. Read on for more harrowing details.

Duke Senses Danger In The Nursery

Duke is a hero for saving the life of baby Harper Brousseau after he dashed into her parents' bedroom in Portland, Connecticut,  when he noticed that something was wrong with the infant.  It all happened one Sunday October night a few years back. Duke's frantic shaking and barking woke the family, giving them extreme cause for alarm. According to mother, Jenna: "Duke is insanely obedient, so this was extremely bizarre behavior." When she entered her daughter's nursery to check on her, she found that the child was not breathing in her bassinet. (See: Willie The Parrot Saves Baby Girl From Choking.)


Infant Girl Harper


The family called an ambulance and paramedics managed to revive baby Harper before she was  taken to the hospital. Duke is a hero and the Brousseau family could not be more grateful. Jenna said proudly: "He is the perfect dog. He was meant to be ours."

Doctors are not positive as to what caused baby Harper to stop breathing. They believe it may have been a case of acid reflux ( a condition that occurs when stomach contents of either food or liquid leak backwards from the stomach into the esophagus). (See: Dog Saves Michigan Toddler From Drowning.)


Duke Makes News With Baby Harper
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Every story of animal heroism brings humans closer to their pests and demonstrates the depth of animal emotions and abilities. Not only do these acts of courage make us realize that animals and humans are more alike than they are different, their actions are selfless deeds of love, devotion and loyalty, (See: Geo: A Puppy For all Seasons.)

Good job, Duke!

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Source: Daily Mail


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