This soft fabric conch shell cover keeps your water bottle cool, dry and in no way makes it look like you're tooting your own horn.  

Conch Shell Soft Water Bottle Cover

Water bottle covers are popular in Japan for a number of reasons, most related to the country's notoriously hot and humid summer weather. Try taking a cool bottle of water along and you'll soon run into some problems: the plastic bottle will “sweat”, the liquid inside will get warm, and the bottle itself is exposed to scratching, cracking and sun-fading. What do?

Conch Shell Soft Water Bottle Cover

“The Shellfish PET Bottle Case” addresses all those issues in style, while boosting your own personal style in the bargain. When in use, the case cleverly conceals most any boring plastic PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) water bottle up to the business end.

Tipping the bottle to one's lips gives the outward appearance of a heroic tribes-person blowing into an actual conch shell to summon an army for battle... or something. You're not gonna evoke that vibe with some cheesy commercial water bottle, amiright?

Conch Shell Soft Water Bottle Cover

The conch-like cover is highlighted by a red tasseled drawstring that can be combined with a standard carabiner for easy toting. Designed by Sayako of Sekonao Works, you can view more details at the Felissimo You + More! product page.


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