If Old Man Winter's getting your back up lately, a comfy, cozy Cat Cape from the Felissimo-Kraso online shopping site is just what's needed to warm the cockles (and other areas nearby). The capes are designed to shield one's back from chill breezes while the wearer's front and legs are warmed by that most ingenious Japanese invention, the kotatsu.

Made from microfiber and available in your choice of cream, gray or beige, the Cat Capes are designed to give you a warm feeling in three different ways. For one, they look cute with their cat ears, tail and paws though the wearer might appear somewhat silly when wearing one – still better than wearing an actual cat on your back.


Secondly, the capes are worn via a pair of integral arm straps that keep the cape positioned while freeing up the hands. Lastly, the capes come with a built-in pocket that can hold a “kairo”... battery-powered handwarmers that are very popular in Japan.

cat on your back

Cat Capes measure 110cm (44 inches) long and and 45cm (18 inches) wide. They cost 2,600 yen (around $31) each and if you enjoy individuality as well as warmth, it's likely you'll be the first on your block to be seen wearing one. (via Rocketnews24 and Ikes)