Resco Pet Products has unveiled the Spritzer Comb - a comb that lets you spritz de-tangler or finishing spray right from the comb!


Spritzer Comb

Spritzer Comb


You may not know about Resco Pet Products, but your pet's veterinarian or groomer probably does. Resco has been manufacturing fine grooming products for dogs, cats, and horses since the 1930's, and they are all made in the U.S.A. Resco's grooming products are guaranteed for life.


Resco Spritzer Comb

Spritzer Comb


The company produces rounded steel-tined combs that stand up to the test of time and don't tear your pet's fur with rough edges. The tines come in various widths to accommodate your dog's fur type.

Resco upgraded its pet combs a few years ago to make them more ergonomic for groomers and show handlers who work so hard to take those darn knots out of pet fur. The company created the Ergonomic Series of combs with contoured aluminum handles that wrap around Resco's steel-tined combs. The Ergonomic Combs lessen stress on the user's hand.

Now, the company has taken its 'Ergonomic Series' and its 'Wrap Series' (adds a carbon fiber wrap over the ergonomic handle to provide a stronger grip to the user) and completed it with a 'Spritzer Series' that adds two fur treatment sprays - a de-tangler and finishing spray - that can be inserted into the comb handles. How convenient!


Resco Spritzer Combs

Colors & Tine Sizes of Spritzer Combs


Resco is selling its professional pet combs and nail trimmers on Its line of show dog chokers and leads is also available on Amazon. You can order the Spritzer Comb on Amazon for a discounted price.  Spray refills of the de-tangler and finishing spray can be purchased from the dealer. (I will post an edit when they become available elsewhere.)


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