Chom Chom Roller, pet hair remover


I know you've used pet hair rollers before, but they were sticky-tape hair removers. And they worked okay, but didn't remove all the pet hair on your furniture or clothing and they needed to be replaced frequently because they would run out of tape.

The Chom Chom Roller doesn't run out of tape because it doesn't use tape. It uses static electricity that you create yourself!


Chom Chom Roller pet hair remover

Chom Chom Roller


Rub the Chom Chom back and forth quickly over your furniture, bedding, or clothing and you will create the static that lifts the pet fur right up. Make sure the fabric is taut; you will get the best pick up. This is the fur grabber (below):


Chom Chom Roller pet hair remover


When your fur trapper is full, just press the button on top of the Chom Chom and the roller will be exposed so that you can release the fur.


Chom Chom Roller pet hair remover


Chom Chom Roller


The Chom Chom Roller has a few thousand very satisfied human customers, many who use the Chom Chom every day with no sign of it wearing down. (It does come with a one year guarantee.) Though it's easy to use, you may need to get the hang of it by watching this video:



If your home is swimming in pet hair, try the Chom Chom Roller. You have a 14 day grace period if you are not satisfied with it, but so many pet owners are. Just read the reviews.


That's the buzz for today!

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