Snoopybabe, an American short-hair and Persian crossbreed cat from Sichuan province, may indeed be the world's cutest cat but is she also the saddest? Not at all! Just as Grumpy Cat isn't really grouchy, trust that Snoopybabe is smiling on the inside.

Snoopybabe first attracted notice when her owner, Miss Ning, began posting photos of her then two-year-old kitty on Instagram. Endearingly posed and sporting a variety of fashionable clothes and accessories designed to heighten her cuteness quotient to stratospheric proportions, Snoopybabe's fame spread virally to the point where she has over 275,000 followers on SINA Weibo (China's Twitter analog) and close to 200,000 fans at Instagram.

The adorable flat-faced feline is now on Facebook as well, going under the name “Snoopy Babe”, and those who prefer their internet cat phenomena more animated can observe her antics recorded live on YouTube.

The question looms: will success change Snoopybabe? Will Puss In Boots from the Shrek movie franchise file a lawsuit charging unlawful use of heartstrings-tugging big brown eyes? Stay tuned to Snoopybabe on your favorite social media platform... gazing into those twin limpid pools, how could anyone refuse? (via Neatorama and Oddity Central)



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