The power of a dog's sense of smell is astounding and a wondrous tool for law enforcement, aiding against criminal activity of all sorts. Sniffing out missing children, drugs and bombs are certainly formidable enough, but now there's something new to add to the growing list; namely a dog that can track child predators.

According to County District Attorney, John Whelan, "Today we are announcing a new tool in the war against child exploitation and the name of that special weapon is Charlie, the yellow Labrador retriever...Delaware County says she'll work with state and other county agencies on their investigations. Between drug detection, bomb sniffing, seeing-eye work, service dogs, therapy and seizure dogs–with all they do–I shouldn't be surprised when dogs do something incredible."( See: Frida The Rescue Dog.) 


Charlie At Work
Charlie At Work Photo: American Security

Trained by forensic specialist,Nay Evans,  at the cost  of some $12,000, all of which was covered by a Homeland Security grant, this two-year old wonder pooch is a true crime-buster. She is one of only about a dozen dogs in the United States doing this kind of important work, and they are known collectively as "The Porn Dogs." Trained to sniff out chemicals used to manufacture electronics such as flash drives, which predators use to hide illicit photos and videos, Charlie's nose makes it more difficult if not impossible to conceal them under a carpet or between the wall board and the floor board. (See: Golden Retriever Teaches Disabled Kinds To Surf.)


Charlie and Handler
Photo: Twitter

According to Evans, "It's amazing what she's able to do and its going to have a huge impact." Charlie can detect the distinct chemical smell associated with small electronics, which allows her to pinpoint either where electronic devices are located or where they once were. Her skills suit a specific need because child predators are always developing new methods to keep one step ahead of the police by concealing small electronic storage devices and incriminating photographic evidence of their depravity. So far, Charlie has been trained to find laptops, tablets, hard drives and micro secure digital (SD) cards . (See: Merel The Service Dog.)

According to Jack Whelan, "Charlie can find elements of a crime that even the most seasoned investigator can miss, which are essential for prosecution." Charlie often shows off her amazing abilities to the press and other interested parties,. After successfully locating  hidden, incriminating items, she is awarded with her favorite toy: a green tennis ball. She is, after all, a sweet dog that woks  hard. (See: Abigail the Pit Bull.)

Keep up the good work, Charlie!

Sadly, we do need a lot more like you.

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Source: Fox News