A chased cat got the last laugh on a pursuing dog when, as captured by a CCTV security camera, the prowling pooch knocked a glass door clean off its hinges.  

CCTV Camera Exposes Door-Crashing Vandal As A Cat-Chasing Dog

Say what you will about CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras intruding on people's rights to privacy but here's a case where nobody's privacy was intruded upon... unless we're counting pets as people. Good thing a dog from China will never have to live down his fruitless pursuit of a street cat; blocked unceremoniously by a frameless glass door. OK, so his confidence may be shattered... imagine how the door feels.

CCTV Camera Exposes Door-Crashing Vandal As A Cat-Chasing Dog

The video was posted by a Chinese shopkeeper after reviewing the past night's videotape in an effort to find out who smashed his store's propped-open glass door. The tale of the tape: it wasn't a “who”, it was a “what”!


Though the door's a complete write-off, it can be seen that the hard-headed canine escaped any injury. Well, not including his pride. As for the cat, we're guessing it planned the whole thing with an eye to sharing the shopkeeper's property insurance payout. (via UPI)