Cats love new spaces. LYCS Architecture knows that and architect Ruan Hao has devoted his talent to catering to them, first in his CATable 1.0 and then in CATable 2.0 - not an improvement on 1.0, but an extension of the concept of sharing human work spaces with cats.


CATable 2.0

CATable 2.0


The CATable 2 is an exceptional design of modern architecture that can be used as a bookcase, a centerpiece for curios, individual end tables, benches, and/or places for your cats to hang out.

It goes perfectly with CATable 1.0, a workspace for you with separate cubby-like spaces beautifully designed for your cats, because you know how cats are when you're trying to work....


CATable 1.0

CATable 1.0


The CATable 2.0 basic ensemble consists of four 16-inch square wooden cubes with cleanly, but variably, hollowed spaces to give both cats and curios many choices of cozy environments.

CATable 2.0

CATable 2.0


Of course, CATable 1.0 and CATable 2.0 go perfectly together and, if you do work at home, you can be sure you will not be without cats!


CATable 1.0, 2.0, and Architect Ruan Hao

CATable 1.0, 2.0, and Architect Ruan Hao (via)


In this lovely video, Ruan Hao discusses the development of both CATables from his own perspective and those of his cats!



If you are interested in purchasing CATable 1.0 or 2.0, contact LYCS Architecture here!




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