Perhaps anticipating his own probable fate, a man wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the face of a cat posing for a mugshot allegedly held up a bank near Oklahoma City.

Cats Him If You Can: Man Robs Bank Wearing Cat Mugshot T-Shirt

According to Special Agent-in-Charge Kathryn Peterson the FBI, a BancFirst bank branch in Norman, Oklahoma (about 20 miles south of Oklahoma City) was robbed on the afternoon of Monday, October 25th.

Peterson stated a man walked into the bank and gave a teller a note demanding money. After the teller complied, the man quickly left the branch, cash in hand. Although the robber's stick-up note stated he had a gun, no such weapon was observed by the teller or anyone else in the bank. Perhaps they were distracted by his er, distinctive t-shirt.

Cats Him If You Can: Man Robs Bank Wearing Cat Mugshot T-Shirt

An image from the bank's security video released by the FBI shows a bearded but not scruffy man wearing sunglasses standing at the teller's window. His black t-shirt  features a cat appearing to pose for a jail booking photo – in layman's terms, a mugshot.

The shirt is available at under the name "Mr Furrypants Kitty Cat Mugshot Catnip Made Me Do It Graphic T-Shirt". The suspected bank robber complemented his way-too-relevant attire with cargo shorts. Dude really, cargo shorts are SO nineties! (via KJRH-Tulsa)

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