Yo dog, er, yo cat's gonna love this cute plush cat-shaped bed no matter what shape your feline companion's actually in. 

Cat-Shaped Cat Bed Channels Your Pet's Inner Xzibit

The apparently nameless item – the product page at Doctor's Advice Peppy calls it an “Antibacterial and Fluffy Bag” - plays to cats' natural tendency to seek shelter in bags, boxes, alcoves and other confined spaces.

At the same time, the item plays to cat-owners' tendency to gush over ordinary and/or utilitarian objects enhanced with cat-like attributes. True to form, this curious “cat bag” features otherwise non-functional cat ears and a tail. Squee?  

Cat-Shaped Cat Bed Channels Your Pet's Inner Xzibit

The bed, er, bag... whatever it is, comes in your choice of cocoa, beige, gray or pink hues. It's composed of shaggy polyester plush that is (supposedly) antibacterial and resists odors though no back-up is provided for these claims. Your mileage may vary with a side of caveat emptor... just sayin'.

Size-wise, the bag will generally fit most cats. The entrance aperture is 35 cm (13.75") wide, while the entire item measures 60 cm long by 36 cm wide by 8 cm thick (23.5" by 22" by 3.15"). Hand-washing is recommended. This item is made in China, though the concept originated in Japan and is labeled as a “Peppy Original”. For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the product page at Doctor's Advice Peppy.