These scented puni-puni cat's paw candles made with paraffin wax and mineral oil are the only way anyone should give their pet a hot-foot.

Cat's Paw Candles Include An Illumination Claws

Japanese pet owners seem to have a thing for meatballs... the soft and hairless foot pads on the undersides of cats' and kittens' paws. Now you can share this harmless yet charming obsession in a way that will brighten up not just your room, but your life: Puni-Puni “Meatball” Candles!

The body of the candles are made of hard paraffin wax and each features five soft “meatball” pads made from gelatinized mineral oil. Even if you never light the integral wick, you'll have endless fun manipulating those “puni-puni” (Japanese for “squishy”) kitty foot pads.

Cat's Paw Candles Include An Illumination Claws

The candles come two to a package and feature a whimsical design by graphic artist KAAL Richardson. Three varieties are available: White Cat with White Vanilla scent, Black Cat with Blackberry scent, and Golden Cat with Cinnamon Milk Tea scent.

More information and online ordering details on these Puni-Puni “Meatball” Candles can be found at the Village Vanguard product page.