This stylish cat-themed umbrella will keep you covered even if it's raining cats & dogs... well, cats anyway.   

'Cat In The Rain' Umbrella Is Ideal Fur Stormy Weather

Blame it on the rain or blame it on the cat... why not both? Whatever you do, don't “storm” out without your trusty “Cat in the Rain” umbrella lest your day turn into a total washout.

At 58.5cm (just under 2 feet) wide, this stylish brolly sports sufficient span to keep you covered while its semi-transparent design ensures safe travel over city streets or country trails.  

'Cat In The Rain' Umbrella Is Ideal Fur Stormy Weather

Attractive graphics in black, white and blue feature a pensive puss peering out of a gorgeous Art Nouveau window into a never-ending screen of raindrops. The pattern repeats four times as it encircles the umbrella's lightweight (320 grams or 2/3 of a pound) yet sturdily braced dome.

The umbrella is designed to be both user-friendly and safe. The ferrule (the pointy end) is rounded, while the glass fiber handle features a nail guard to protect delicate fingers. The umbrella's firm yet flexible ribs are made from polyethylene plastic, which according to the manufacturer is “an environmentally friendly material that does not generate dioxins even when burned”... good to know!

'Cat In The Rain' Umbrella Is Ideal Fur Stormy Weather

So, next time showers threaten but you've got to get out and about, don't forget your cute but capable “Cat in the Rain” umbrella. It'll keep your “fur” as dry as your cat, who will bemusedly observe you through the window while wondering why silly humans insist on going out in rainy weather.

For more info and/or ordering instructions, please visit the (Japanese language) product page at Village Vanguard.