This set of five matryoshka nesting dolls features colorful cats rendered in a charming folk-art style. Handmade from wood in Russia by Russians, the set will add a little kitsch to any kitten-lover's kitchen.

As is the case with all traditional Russian matryoshka dolls, the individual figurines are hollow so that the set's smaller dolls can nest within their next-largest mates. Owners won't likely ever do this, however, unless their moving house or seeking to entertain friends and family – the younger, the better.

The largest doll in the set is just 135mm (5.4”) tall, making it an ideal mantel- or shelf-topper. Each doll wears a painted-on collar and bell, and all five wear colored hoods in the manner of Russian children from time immemorial. A cute individual touch has the cats holding different objects such as a fishbowl, a bullrush, a teddy bear and an herb planter (presumably catnip).

The five-cat matryoshka nesting doll set is offered online by Super Headz of japan and is priced at 4,725 yen (just under $50) plus shipping. You can order direct from the product page at the Super Headz HeadzShop meow, er, now.