Cat-foot chair socks from Japan reduce the noise from furniture scraping across the floor, vastly improving relations with the neighbors downstairs.   

Cat Feet Chair Socks Keep Your Stools Silent

There's nothing like the sound of a chair or table as its bare legs scrape along a tiled or hardwood floor... and by “nothing”, we mean nothing good. Either the legs shriek like chalk on a blackboard or they emit the embarrassing equivalent of someone “soiling the air”.

Accompanying this aural onslaught are a plethora of damaging scuffs inflicted on your precious flooring, not to mention another unpleasant sound: the end of a broomstick repetitively striking the ceiling of the room below. What to do?

Cat Feet Chair Socks Keep Your Stools Silent

Assuming you've ruled out wall-to-wall carpeting, these neat & nifty cat's paw “chair socks” will nip the problem in the bud! Made from knitting wool and dyed to match five different types of domestic house cat, these cute and effective chair socks simply stretch onto the ends of most chair, table and/or desk legs providing an unbeatable combination of sound control and skid resistance.

Your downstairs neighbors will thank you, whether you live in a high-rise apartment or a detached house. Kudos to Jonelle Patrick of Only In Japan for featuring these clever home improvement items. For more information and instructions on how to order, please visit the seller's product page at

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