This is the story of a hustler who will never see the inside of a jail for the simple reason that he is positively too adorable ever to be arrested! CashNip and his sweet escapades are all the rage in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he has become  a sort of star. Read on for more about this endearing and amazing feline.


CashNip Kitty And His Loot
CashNip Kitty With Loot

This good cat hustler/samaritan is the resident office kitty of the GuRuStu advertising company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A formidable mouser in a previous life, the cat was so friendly and lovable that the staff adopted him as a mascot. Soon to be known as CashNip Kitty, in recent months the employees began to notice that this cat had a talent for that which would place in jail those who walk on four legs and do the same thing. The cat is a not-so covert hustler that with one swipe of his adorable paw secretly defrauds the humans in his orbit out of their hard-earned cash. He doesn't have to lurk in the shadows of ATMs along dark streets for hapless victims; his charm makes him a bold, daring and very successful bandit! (See: Pet Squirrel Foils Home Robbery.)


Kitty Loots Kitty
Kitty Loots Kitty

What is CashNip Kitty's MO?

Company employees were at first perplexed at his modus operandi. At the beginning of one work week, they found the cat sitting placidly by the glass front door surrounded by a large pile of one-dollar bills. They decided to watch him closely and after some surveillance noticed CashNip Kitty in adorable action. It seems  that one passerby trying to play with him through the glass, slipped a dollar bill through the crack in the front door, only to have kitty pounce on it and snatch it away. (See: Homeless Cat Saves Abandoned Baby.)


Kitty At Work
Kitty At Work

After some investigation, they discovered that the gesture caught on and that many passersby had been trying to play with CashNip through the glass. As a means of enticing the feline into action, they would slip money through the crack in the front door only to have the cat grab it away. This ongoing game proved to be profitable and so far, $100 in singles have littered the floor of the company, all of which were then donated to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless.

The Team Transformed CashNip Kitty into an ATM For a Good Cause

The advertising company established a makeshift PR campaign to promote CashNip Kitty. They erected a sign that read:

"CashNip Kitty is a hustler with a philanthropic heart. He will snatch your money and donate it to the Tulsa Day Center For The Homeless. CashNip Kitty says: "Slide a dollar through the slot and great blessings will follow."

This cat, one-trick pony that he may be, so to speak, has a pure heart and good intentions (okay, playful). What better qualities could a philanthropist possess?T he fact that they reside within the soul of an adorable cat doesn't change anything at all.

Just ask the homeless at the Tulsa Oklahoma Shelter.

Go CashNip, you sweet hustler!

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Source: Fox News