Canine Lines Are Fashion Forward & Game On

As each new season of the Game of Thrones repeats their annual warning: “Winter is coming!” —  we’re reminded of that time of year when it’s prudent to prepare for the chilly days ahead. But what about our 'Game of Bones’ pet-mates? After all ’sweater weather’ is when humans add layers of clothing to insulate themselves for that seemingly endless 30-degree-below weather.

But what about our four-legged friends? We used to believe their fur gave them enough warmth to combat those frigid arctic blasts. But was that really all they required, or was that our perception of what they needed? Might our pooches be better served with an extra layer or two for those wintry outdoor potty breaks? Humans have comfy porcelain thrones to take care of their business. Dogs have to resort to public urination. Creating yellow snow in the cold air is one thing. But shouldn't our Games of Bones troopers be clothed properly when nature calls?

Some canine fashion designers think so. In assessing the situation, they've created some innovative options for our four-legged winter warriors.

Bella & Lola NYC

Bella & Lola NYC call themselves an “online destination for dog owners.” They serve up upscale, fashion-forward pups with not only warm clothing, but a sophisticated look as well.

From clothing to accessories, this online e-commerce option offers looks and collections that reflect some of today’s most popular fashion trends.

“Living in a city where inspiration comes from all sources, including what you wear, we realized that the canine industry was in need of a one stop site that would express and showcase our dogs’ personalities and styles through their clothing”, says founder and CEO Francisco Huertas about where inspiration for Bella & Lola NYC clothing comes from."

“Bella & Lola NYC is more than a clothing line for dogs – it’s a lifestyle. With every collection and accessory that we create, we intend to share our experiences and the excitement and energy of New York City. In addition, we want to give every pup around the world the confidence to own every walk as if they were walking down 5th Ave.,” add Huertas.

Bella & Lola


Fabdoginc is a high-quality clothing line for refined and fashionable dogs. They’ve been dressing pups across the world— from Chihuahuas to Labs—since 2002 in their original designs. From Frenchies in rain gear. Shibas in shearling. Labradoodles in plaid PJs, they’ve created some whimsical duds over the years.

And, if you’re into wearing matching clothes with your ‘best friend,’ this firm has created those too. In fact, they were such an overnight success, that particular line sold-out in weeks.

However, this company realizes that only not is “winter coming” — the holiday season is also right around the corner. So they are promising their clientele, they will restock their shelves before November 25, so that dog-owners can place orders in time for Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.


Reflective Advantage

Irene Dixon is the creator of Reflective Advantage. This line of reflective garments is created for both warmth and protection.

As ‘safety apparel,’ Dixon creates dog coats with bright, high-visibility fabric to protect them on city streets. Dixon promotes this unique line of dog-wear as “highly visible traffic-stoppers” — literally and figuratively.

Her wraps are available in eight standard sizes which can be modified with 3" or 6" extension straps to create a comfortable custom fit for larger breeds or broad-chested dogs.

Reflective Advantage

Game of Bones

If style, warmth and protection are key elements for your canine this winter season, today's options are just a few of the dog-wearables hitting the market. Others can be found here.

If you are are a pet-owner who's known to treat your pups as royalty, these fashion lines just might be the winning ticket this winter season. If there's a Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow or member of the Lannister family in your household, with a little fashion panache, they just might end up ruling the neighborhood?

So dress them up, pop on their crown and let the games begin!

Canine Lines Are Fashion Forward & Game On

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