Badgers? We don't need any stinkin' badgers! A house-sitter in Scotland was shocked to find a badger who had entered through the cat flap was enjoying the mother of all cat naps.

Bushed Badger Barges In, Beds Down For A Cat Nap

Just pop by to check on the cats, they said. It'll be no trouble at all, they said. Ben Dolphin of Linlithgow, West Lothian was happy to oblige his friends who were off on holiday and hey, cats are pretty low-maintenance, right? Just refill the food & water dishes, then take a peek at each cat's bed before turning in for the night and... suddenly, BADGER!!

Dolphin managed to contain himself long enough to snap a photo of the badger, who was looking quite comfortable indeed after gobbling all the kitty crunchies and making like Goldilocks in one of the cats' beds.

Bushed Badger Barges In, Beds Down For A Cat Nap

Wisely deciding to let sleeping badgers lie, Dolphin instead called the local branch of the Scottish SPCA and waited nervously until Animal Rescue Officer Connie O'Neil arrived. “He didn’t seem too happy when I tried to move him," explained O'Neil, "but I was able to slide the cat bed 'round and it was then that the badger noticed the back door was open so made a run for it!”

Dolphin, meanwhile, posted his pic and the story behind it to Twitter where they quickly went viral amassing over a hundred comments. One caring commenter asked if the bed-bounced cats were OK to which Dolphin replied: “Aye, they're fine.” (via Deadline)