Bring Home The Movie All The Animals Are Talking About

Unfortunately, when a movie has flawed expectations regarding a box office $ucce$$, it needs to do double-time after the fact to get a decent return on investment (ROI). Such is the case with 'Dolittle' which according to most critics has been considered a "2020's first official megaflop." Here's what the producers are now doing to help the dubious doctor turn things around.



Use the President's network . . .

When in doubt, turn to Twitter, to get the word out. Heck, if it works for the president, why not a flick showing a down-tick? And currently, its promo has 3,711,324 views on YouTube. So there appears to be some interest.

The early digital release of #DolittleMovie was announced in a tweet on the movie's official Twitter page, which read: "Bring home the movie all the animals are talking about! A fun epic adventure for the whole family, DOLITTLE is loaded with behind-the-scenes, cast interviews, and more! Digital 3/24 & Blu-ray 4/ 7."

Online Partnerships

As mentioned on Twitter, the all-star cast movie is now available to purchase on several digital platforms. On the Dolittle website, the following stores note the movie is currently available to watch online with any of the following partnerships:

    Google Play
    Prime Video
    Verizon FIOS
    DirecTV Cinema

Missing a Streamer?

To date, Dolittle has held back from choosing a streaming company. Most of these sites have the movie available for $19.99. However, the studio has not yet revealed when Dolittle will be universally available on a streaming service, or indeed which streamer will be the first to get the movie.

Not the only Family-Friendly Movie . . .

Dolittle is far from being the only family-friendly movie available globally to entertain children sheltering in place, due to the coronavirus. But it is an option for parents to get a short reprieve when the kids are out of other choices.

Practically all movie theaters in one of the world’s largest box office markets have been closed since January. This is an extraordinary measure, particularly since China is one of the other country's suffering from the same calamity.

As far as the Robert Downey Jr. film vehicle goes, Dolittle has been projected to lose around $100 million domestically, with costs that came in at $175 million.

But heck, if the animals keep talking about it, and promoting it on their Twitter feeds, who knows if that will be enough to turn the tide?


Bring Home The Movie All The Animals Are Talking About


Primary Source: Newsweek