Kitty Convict Project

Kitty Convict Project


Whether it's in deference to all the game cats shattered in his popular card game, Exploding Kittens, or an altruistic desire to save the lives of feline escape artists, cartoonist Matthew Inman has created a movement to save errant cats from harm. Called the Kitty Convict Project, the effort aims to outfit all indoor cats with orange collars and ID tags.

Why orange? Well, if you see a human in an orange jumpsuit out in the street and he's not wearing a hard hat, you might legitimately suspect he's an escapee from prison. An orange collar on a cat would indicate that this kitty is also an escapee - from home. Prison or not, she's a house cat, and doesn't belong in the street, and her owners are telling you that by dressing her in orange!

Not coincidentally, wolves, coyotes, and foxes are red/green color blind, so don't worry about your cat being a patsy to prey. Even bobcats and bears don't see reds or oranges very well. Hunters are even encouraged to wear orange, because they are harder to spot by their prey.

Kitties, unlike dogs, are seldom returned to their homes; the stark statistics in the poster below emphasizes the problem:


Kitty Convict Project


Hopefully, you already outfit your indoor cat with a collar and tags, just in case he slips away when your kids hold open the door to tell you they forgot something.... But those of us on the street don't know that your cat is not supposed to be there unless you tell us soOrange will let us know. It can be anything orange, but how many things will a cat wear in the color orange? So I would stick to an orange collar. And make sure you attach ID tags with your cell phone number on it!

The Kitty Convict Project partnered with GoTags to makes its own cat collar available in these two models...

Kitty Convict Project Collars

Kitty Convict Project Collars


You can purchase a tagged collar or a printed collar. Though many of us get tagged collars, you have to remember that outside of the house, the jingle of the tags could alert predator animals to the presence of a cat. The benefits of a tag, however, are that you can include more information on it. On the above tag, you can have whatever you want printed on both or either sides of the tag.

The collars come with a bell attached, but it can be removed if desired. The bell would alert a person that a domestic animal was in the area, but it would also alert a predator, so that's a hard call. On the other hand, the bell would warn birds and rodents in the area that a predator (cat) is nearing.

Any collar that's orange and contains an up-to-date ID will work. The big clue that the cat belongs indoors is the color orange, so if your kitty lives to dive out the door at any opportunity, an orange jump suit just might be what's in order!

Filfeel Small Orange Cat Sweater

Filfeel Small Orange Cat Sweater


You and I, the neighbors, are supposed to catch the wandering cat, check her tags, and get her back home! Anyone who is in the least bit familiar with cats, knows that's easier said than done, but I cover that in 'How To Catch Your Runaway Cat.' If you ask most people, even cat owners, how to capture a loose cat, they would not know. It's tricky.

In the meantime, quick, get some orange collars and ID for your indoor cats! And print some posters from the Kitty Convict Cat ID Project to make your neighbors aware of this movement!


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