Black-Throated Bushtit With The Funny Name

This bird is also known as the black-throated tit [and yes you read that night] is a very small passerine, or perching bird in the family Aegithalidae. Today's post is to celebrate a species of bird we may never actually get to see in our lifetime. Why? Because you would have to climb the Himalayas or visit the monks in Nepal.



Distribution & Habitat

Unless you're planning a trip to India and other Asian locations, you may never get a chance to see this bird. That's a shame since its unique coloring and plumage really captures the eye.

Its distribution and habitat range from the foothills of the Himalayas, stretching across northern India through north-eastern Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, northern Myanmar, Vietnam, and Taiwan. Disjunct populations also occur in southern Vietnam, the island of Hainan, and further north in China up to the Yellow River. It lives in open broadleaf forests as well as pine forests, generally occurring in middle altitudes.

Pretty Bird

The Bushtit is a small attractive bird. Measuring only 4 inches and weighing 4-9 grams only, it's a very light songbird. The bold coloring of its feathers is easily recognizable, especially the splash of black around its throat almost as if an artist painted it on.

It has a white belly, complemented by a dark grey back wings, tail, and back. It sports a chestnut cap, breast band and flanks, with a white belly. His countenance shows as sense of confidence, with its "all knowing" look on life.

You oughta be in pictures . . .

Taiwanese wildlife photographer Chen Chengguang, who specializes in bird portraits is known for his photography of this unique bird. He's captured them in ways that seem to bring them to life.

Black-Throated Bushtit With The Funny Name

Bored Panda's Columnist Mantas Kačerauskas is taken with these photos as well. He describes Chengguang's portraits as such: "The fluffy and colored plumage is so clear in Chengguang’s images, you can’t help but imagine what it would be like to pet these adorable critters."

Birds of a feather

The black-throated bushtit often resides in open broadleaf forests as well as pine forests. It is highly social and is known to travel in large flocks up to 40 birds. Both sexes are alike.

What do you think about this species? Any chance you'll be able to see them on your upcoming travels? Comment below about your experiences with the Black-throated Bushtit.

Black-Throated Bushtit With The Funny Name


Primary Source: Bored Panda