girlfriend is allergic to cats.  And my
cat has a tendency to shed-a lot.  As
such I get the occasional "I'm kicking out your cat" lecture.  It doesn't help that Buster (the cat) tends
to sleep on her pillow and on whatever clothes she happens to have sitting out
for future wear.  This turns my
girlfriend into a twitching, sneezing ball of hate.

I'm not allergic to cat hair, I suffer as well. 
Anytime I have any black item of clothing out, that's where Buster will
be.  And after I shoo him off, half of
him remains on the clothing; you'd swear that the cat had lost 10 pounds in
hair alone.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum
solves this problem.

specifically to pick-up pet hair, this lightweight (4.2 pounds) vacuum gets the
job done.  Dirt is collected via a
washable dense fiber screen and a filter screen.  Two nozzles are provided-one hard, and the
other flexible to get into tight areas.


 As you
can see by the photos above, this little sucker (pun intended) works!  And consumers, with very few exceptions,
praise the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser for ease of use and the intensity of its
suction power.  As it has uses beyond pet
hair (some consumers have used it for sucking up dust along floorboards and
pulling dirt out of carpets), the price tag isn't too harsh: around $28.49.

there's always a little downside-nothing is perfect.  It appears that the replacement filters are
quite costly.  While the dense fiber
screen can be washed, the filter screen wears out; and at $12 a pop, this might
be something to look into if you plan on using the vacuum on a more than casual

of the expense of replacement filters, I'm off to get one of these.  It may keep my girlfriend from kicking Buster
(and me) out of the house.  You can find out more about the
Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum here.

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