Bissell Barkbath QT

Bissell Barkbath QT

Bissell's new version of the Barkbath is making a bigger splash with dog parents than the machine itself makes. Why? It's not only a splash free dog bath, it's quiet!

For those of you who are not familiar with the Bissell Barkbath, it's a free standing bathing machine with two tanks (clean water and dirty water), a no-rinse shampoo reservoir, and a hose-connected nozzle that distributes the shampoo and clean water through your dog's fur and then sucks it up into the dirty water tank.

Improvements to the Barkbath include a quieter motor and wire reinforced hose to dampen the sound, so your dog won't freak out when she hears it. It also comes with a 13 foot hose, so you can bathe your dog far away from the machine, if she's still a bit timid around the motor, a sound-muffling mat, a micro-fiber towel, a bottle of BISSELL Clean & Fresh No-Rinse Dog Shampoo and a storage bag to keep the apparatus all clean.


Bissell Barkbath QT

Bissell Barkbath QT


My favorite element of the Barkbath is the bathing attachment, which has four prongs (not sharp!) that lift your dog's fur so that the water and soap get to the skin, where much of the dirt and bacteria reside. This not only cleans all of your dog's fur, but lifts out hair that has shed.

Bissell Barkbath QT

Bissell Barkbath QT bathing tool


Here are some Barkbath users sharing their favorite things about the Bissell dog bathing machine.



The Bissell Barkbath QT comes with video and print instructions that include how to train your dog to accept the bathing machine. Note that Bissell only recommends the Barkbath for dogs between 20 and  80 pounds, and does not recommend the machine for dogs who are afraid of vacuum cleaner sounds, as the sound of the Barkbath is similar to that of a vacuum cleaner. If those are not issues, you may want to invest in the Barkbath QT.


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