Stopping at every tree or bush or blade of grass may be fun
for Buddy and Trixie, but it's not exercise for them or you. WalkyDog, a leash that's designed to attach
to your bike, will help make it safe and a pleasure to jog and bike together!



The WalkyDog, also known as the K-9 Bike Jogger, fits into a
clamp affixed to the vertical bar beneath your handlebar. The leash can be used
with multiple bikes as long as they have the proper clamp which you can order. The
WalkyDog tube holds an extendable leash and the tube can be adjusted to the
angle that works best for you and your dog.
The fitting takes about 5 minutes to accomplish.


photo: D.Brownphoto: D.Brown


Then you and your pup can train together to bike and jog at
the same time. You begin by getting your
dog used to walking with the WalkyDog; you can take him for walks on the leash
for a few days. When you are ready to
attach the WalkyDog to your bike, walk your dog again for 5 - 10 minutes prior
to getting him ready for the bike.

Then you're ready to learn the ropes... both of you. So, start riding slowly and make sure you're
in a good local... away from traffic or much interference. Slowly pick up the speed allowing time at
each speed for both of you to feel comfortable.
Short workout periods are best during the first few days.


photo: D.Brownphoto: D.Brown


photo: D.Brownphoto: D.Brown The leash extends 14.5'. If that, combined with the height
of your seat is not enough, you can attach the WalkyDog leash to your dog's own
leash, or simply substitute the rope in the WalkyDog leash to the desired

WalkyDog is not for every dog.

  • Dogs should be at least 20 pounds and the rider at least 40
    pounds heavier than the dog.
  • Dogs should be examined by their veterinarians prior to
    participating in this jog/biking exercise.
  • This activity should not be undertaken by anyone under 14
    years old, and adults should supervise teens older than 14 using the WalkyDog.
  • Make sure your pup is well-hydrated. Bring fresh water with you for breaks. Make sure your dog is not
    hyperventilating. Some dogs have more
    endurance than others, so be careful not to overdo your routines.
  • Check your dog's paw pads for abrasions. Dog paws are very
    sensitive to heat and rough terrain. Also, check for stones or burrs between
    his pads.

You can purchase WalkyDog at and read the
superlative reviews; the product has top ratings, 5 stars, so lots of dogs and
their owners are loving their new exercise together. If you wish to attach your WalkyDog to more
than one bike, additional clamps make be purchased here. (See K-9 Bike Jogger)



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