A wandering beaver whose eyes were bigger than its hips needed assistance from firefighters after wedging its big ol' butt between the metal bars of a garden fence.

Big Booty Beaver Rescued From Iron-Barred Fence

“Does this fence make me look fat?” Yes, yes it does... and that's the tooth, er, truth! Indeed, it has come to this – we're fat-shaming beavers. Then again, being wedged in a wrought-iron fence isn't a good look for anyone nor anything.

Luckily for one particularly chubby rodent in Eagle, Idaho, non-judgmental humans in the form of local firefighters had what it took to free the not-so-wee beastie from its ignominious situation.

Big Booty Beaver Rescued From Iron-Barred Fence

The call came in to Battalion Chief Nevil Humphreys early on Sunday morning, May 20th, from an eagle-eyed Eagle resident reporting an intruder... extruder? Well, sort of both: a rather large beaver was imprisoned between the unyielding metal bars of the homeowner's garden fence.

Sounds like a job for the Eagle Police Department but no – the perp caught fencing (or caught BY a fence, in this case) was to be dealt with by the Eagle Fire Department, likely due to their presumed expertise in retrieving cats from trees. “He was a big boy, too, trying to get through that little opening in the fence,” according to Humphreys, plumped by the prospect of the first beaver rescue in his 25 years with the EFD.    

Big Booty Beaver Rescued From Iron-Barred Fence

Trees are something beavers are naturally equipped to deal with. Metal fence posts, not so much. Enter the firefighters, fortunately equipped with a Halligan bar. Employing the versatile tool and working from behind to avoid the distressed critter's fearsome choppers, the pair of firefighters widened the bars enough for the beaver to make a clean getaway... only it didn't!

“He went through, turned around and sat on his tail,” stated Humphreys to the Idaho Statesman. “He just sat there and looked at everybody. We figured he was really tired, or he didn't want to turn his back.” Eventually, the no-doubt-mortified beaver turned tail and wandered off, having learned that wood fences make good neighbors.


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