Okay, the University of Colorado at Boulder mascot is a Buffalo but the news came out yesterday that there is a badger wandering around the sprawling main campus. Is this just a quirk of nature or a spy sent here to become embedded by the University of Wisconsin Badgers before the school year gets started? Let the conspiracy theories start flying. This little critter could derail the whole football season!

Badger on CU Campus
Badger on CU Campus

Image via Daily Camera

The school tweeted the situation yesterday and said that the animal was "rare" and "extremely dangerous." HA!  Not unless it is a zombie badger on steroids! Colorado Parks and Wildlife responded swiftly to let everyone in the area know that badgers are not rare in the area and that the critters only are dangerous if they are provoked or taking care of their young. Then they can be ferocious.

Anyone who lives in or around Boulder (like I do) knows that the city abounds with wildlife and that the sighting of a badger would just be another one. While I have yet to see a badger at my home I will warn my cat to stay away from them -- just like the foxes, coyotes, raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, snakes, deer, mountain lions, bears . . . Oh, heck I will just remind her to stay away from wildlife.


Image via Wikimedia

The badger has been sighted around the area of the Henderson Building near Broadway. Like many wild animals in Boulder its habitat has likely been compromised by increasing construction and it is looking for new digs and some of the amenities the city can offer. Like food from trash dumpsters. It could also have just been passing through.

The campus Facilities Manager and Colorado Parks and Wildlife have been tasked with checking out the badger situation and determining if further action needs to be taken. So far the animal remains at large and elusive to anyone who isn't on Instagram.

The best advice is to just not approach wild animals. Go badger!

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